Polyurea Spray On Pond Liner, The Best Pond Liner Available.

Ken's Flexible Armor installs Polyurea pondliners and other applications. Polyurea is considered the best pond liner solution available. If you're in the process of constructing a pond, contact us to learn more about this amazing new technology.

Our Polyurea surface coating and pond liner is a spray on coating with excellent durability, excellent flexibility, high abrasion resistance, and high chemical resistance. Different formulas have been developed to cover a very wide variety of requirements from extreme surface hardness to extreme elongation.

Polyurea is an ideal product for many containment applications. It can be applied to virtually any surface. Concrete, steel, aluminum,  wood and foam are a few examples of the types of surfaces that can be coated. Polyurea offers high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance, excellent durability, and excellent flexibility and is inert (won't leech anything into containment area).

Polyurea Spray On Pond Liner vs Rubber Pond Liners

  • Seamless installation including around plumbing and design features.
  • No folds or seams to collect dirt and debris.
  • More freedom in design shape and structure.
  • Much more durable and resistant.

Key Properties

  • Fast cure time.  Can support foot traffic in minutes.
  • Creates a seamless surface.
  • Very durable and abrasion-resistant. Boulders and animals, no problem.
  • Resistant to many solvents,  and corrosive compounds.
  • Flexible, impervious coating, with up to 500% elongation.
  • Very wide range of thickness available in a single spray application.
  • No VOC's (volatile organic compounds) released during application.
  • Textured, non slip or smooth surface can be applied.
  • Many formulations available for virtually any application or need.
  • Safe,  USDA approved for incidental food contact. And safe for Koi fish too.

Lining Applications We Specialize In

  • Pond repair / restoration and new construction applications.
  • Residential pond and water feature liners.
  • Commercial pond and water feature lining.
  • Fountains, waterproofing and liner.
  • Water garden and pond pools.
  • Water containment.
  • Erosion control.

Industrial Polyurea Spray On Applications

  • Floor Coating.
  • Primary Containment.
  • Secondary Containment.
  • Corrosion Control.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Concrete Protection.
  • And more

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